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Maintains Vacuum




30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


One-Time Application

Meter-Long Roll

Works with All Socket Types

Washable, Resusable & Removable

SleevSaver Prosthetic Tape

Learn About SleevSaver

SleevSaver solves the amputeeā€™s problem of lost vacuum caused by a hole in the suspension sleeve. SleevSaver will save you hundreds of dollars on replacement sleeves.

SleevSaver is specially formulated to adhere between the socket and sleeve instantly. Just stick, press, and go. You will instantly start to regain vacuum as you walk.

No need to replace your $700 suspension sleeve.

How Does SleevSaver Work?

SleevSaver works by sealing the area between your suspension sleeve and prosthetic socket when applied. Simply locate the intrusion on your suspension sleeve and apply SleevSaver to the socket in the proper area.

You can also apply SleevSaver to the entire perimeter of your prosthetic socket for maximum protection.


SleevSaver Single Roll

Best for light users of prosthetic devices and small intrusions, leaks or tears. Includes a one-meter long roll.
Prosthetic Enhancer SleevSaver product image

SleevSaver 12-Pack

Best for heavy users of prosthetic devices and total sleeve and socket protection. Includes 12 one-meter long rolls.

Product Specifications

Designed for amputees, by amputees

SleevSaver is manufactured to the highest of quality assurance standards and is ISO 9001. Our product is also friendly to the environment and ISO 14001 certified as Eco Friendly.

Our product is produced with green and medical grade materials and comes with a 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

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If you would like to rescue amputees in your world; SleevSaver offers discounts on large volume orders, and cobranding programs. 

Amputees will thank you for saving them money on unnecessary suspension sleeve costs especially if you have the smallest of leaks or a quarter inch hole SleevSaver will perform perfectly.

We even offer a 30 day money back guarantee.